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Do you want to be that mother that is able to make Ramadan fun for their kids but has
idea where to begin? Have you been reminding your child all winter that Muslims have
Ramadan and Eid to celebrate but now that Ramadan is closer, you have no idea how
to make it special? At Islamic Circle Time we are offering a product and service to help
you out: THE RAMADAN CRAFTATHON. Our classes will be facilitated by Sister
Sumayyah from Craft Your Memories.

What is going to happen in the Ramadan Craftathon?

Before Ramadan begins, you will receive a package in the mail. This package will
include every single item required for EIGHT crafts.
The first class will begin one week before Ramadan. You will join the live session with
Sister Sumayyah to follow her along in preparation for Ramadan by creating a
Ramadan Mubarak banner.
We will continue meeting throughout Ramadan until our eight live Ramadan crafting
sessions are completed. By the end of Ramadan and over the duration of 5 weeks, you
will have had created eight crafts. Each craft has been designed for either a child to
complete individually or a group of siblings to work on as a group. We will conclude the
Ramadan Craftathon by creating Eid cards and an Eid banner.
This is more then a Ramadan Craft class. Our facilitator will create a hype around
Ramadan so that the children are able to understand and enjoy this blessed month. She
will share stories of wisdom, empower them towards cashing in extra rewards, share
challenges surrounding Ramadan and discuss pertaining topics to the craft being
completed. The main goal is to have fun and enjoy, but in the process children will get
to meet one another, work on their creative skills, see Islam what it truly is, and lastly
our parents can stop feeling guilty and know that a huge part of making Ramadan fun, is
being taken care of by Islamic Circle Time.

Ramadan Craftathon in a nutshell:
It is a product and a service.
You will receive

  1. A box at your door step which will include all the materials required to complete
    the crafts.
  2. 8 crafting sessions (45 minutes in duration) with Sr Sumayyah from Craft Your
  3. Crafts which can be used as Ramadan/Eid décor.
  4. Islamic stories, wisdom, and lots of hasanat.
  5. A Ramadan envelope countdown with a surprise for each day
  7. Two bonus items.

Who Can Participate?
The Ramadan Craftathon is for children of all ages. Ideally a child between the ages of
3 and 10. You are free to purchase and attend the classes if your child is over the age
of 10 and you think they will enjoy it. A younger child will require assistance from an
adult. If you have multiple children, they can work on each craft together as a group.
What Time Will The Live Sessions Be?
The Live sessions will be on Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm EST and Saturday’s 2:00 pm
EST. Each session will be roughly 45 minutes in duration. We will send you an exact
schedule, which you can print or save.
The live sessions are for children and female adults only.


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