My child is 6 years old. Can I enroll them in the Circle Time program?
My child is 6 years old. Can I enroll them in the Circle Time program?
What is the difference between the 15 minute Circle Time and the 20 minute Circle Time?
- The 15 minute session is for complete beginners and begins by introducing the kalima, basic duas and surahs. - The 20 minute session is slightly more advanced. There is more focus on learning to pray salah, doing wudhu, surahs, duas, short lessons from the sunnah etc.
How do I pay?
You will need to register using a credit card. Once your first payment is complete, the next payment will automatically be deducted.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can go on the website and cancel your subscription at any time.
When can we begin our classes?
If you register today, you can join the class immediately. We do not wait for the beginning of the month to accept students. Your next payment will be deducted one month from today. That way you are not missing any classes.
My child loves the circle time classes. Are you offering more classes?
At this time, we are only offering the Friday and Saturday sessions. You can register for both if you would like more than one class a week.
I have multiple children. How do I pay for them?
We only charge one payment per household for the Circle Time. If the children are joining using one device, you only pay once. However, our mentorship program charges are per child.
What is included in the one-on-one Quran lessons?
The one-on-one sessions are geared individually towards each student. The teacher will assess the student to see where they need to begin from. The focus of these classes is to teach the student to recite the quran fluently by reading the arabic text. The class will include a reading lesson, surah memorization and basic Islamic Studies.
Can my child only memorize surahs during her one-on-one Quran lesson?
Yes, if you let us know what your goal is for your child, we will work with you towards achieving it. If your goal is for your child to have a teacher assist them in memorizing surahs only, then the entire session will focus on that.
How is it a group session if the lessons are one-on-one?
We offer each student access to join the Quran class before or after their lesson. This way they can learn by being in the Quranic environment. The student can practice their own lesson or watch their peers do their class and learn from listening and watching. When it is their turn, the student will get their individual time with the teacher.
Can my child just join the Quran class at their specific time?
Yes, you can join in during your allocated time slot, complete your lesson, and leave immediately afterwards.
My child has not reached puberty. Can they attend the Muslimah Girl Talk?
Yes, this program is the perfect way to introduce the concept of puberty and Islamic guidelines surrounding it.
I forgot to attend the class. Will you refund me the money?
Sorry, we do not offer refund for missed classes.
Do you have any holidays?
Yes, we do not have classes on statutory holidays and the days of Eid. We will email and notify you beforehand Inshallah.
Why can I not see the price on one of the courses I am interested in?
If you are unable to see the price, it means the class is full/closed. You will have to wait for the next one to begin.

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