Islamic Circle Time provides Islamic education and support, using research based methods and Prophetic methodology, for students as young as 18 months.
Our programs are offered in a group setting so students can learn through listening and interacting with peers. This is inspired by the tradition of the companions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who gathered for learning in a circle or Halaqa in Al-Masjid An-Nabawi.

I would recommend Sister Maimoona for Quraan teachings because Allah has given her the best ability. Mashallah, she is the best teacher my daughter ever had, the way she teaches and her pronunciation is very easy to understand. She always makes sure my daughter understand what she’s reading. I’m very satisfied with Sister Maimoona and she is also very flexible with schedules and always cooperative. May Allah bless her with the best inshallah
Mother of Zara Age 9 (one-on-one Quran Student)
My daughter Aasiya really benefited from these classes. Even though it seemed as though she wouldn't focus during class time, I would hear her throughout the day saying the prayer song and making dua. During salat times, she doesn't only make the actions of salah but says the words she has learned as well. I'm so grateful my daughter can attend Islamic classes online in the comfort of my home because it's a handful leaving the house with a toddler and baby!
Mother of Aasiya Age 2 (Islamic Circle Time Online Student)
My son Bilal, age 4, loves the Islamic Circle time program! He enjoys the lighthearted, fun atmosphere that sister Maimoona creates in her sessions, while learning some important basic concepts like 5 times prayers, dua for drinking milk, etc. He remembers to do Dhikr every night the way she taught him, and reminds us too. As a parent, its nice for me to see him have important islamic concepts being reinforced, while he still gets to jump up and wiggle around like a typical preschooler.
Mother of Bilal Age 4 (Islamic Circle Time Online Student)
There’s some things a parent can’t effectively teach their own kids and that’s when a “good” teacher comes into play. I absolutely love Sr Maimoona and would not change a thing about her class and/or structure. She knows how to engage kids, playfully and happily.
John Doe Founder
These classes have been a game changer for my relationship with the Quran and the added khushu that I experience in Salaah.
John Doe Founder
This program is helping my three year old learn and love Deen. Throughout the week I’ve seen him repeat and mention lessons learnt.
John Doe Founder
My son enjoys the lighthearted, fun atmosphere It nice for me to see Islamic concepts being reinforced, while he still gets to jump up and wiggle around like a typical preschooler.
John Doe Founder
The M3 has changed the trajectory of our teenage son’s life. I make so much Dua for the team unintentionally. It happens when a mother feels someone is teaching something beneficial to her child.
John Doe Founder
It is different and connects my child to the real world and changes him as a person by teaching the importance of time, how to be confident and speak in public. Its deen and dunya!
John Doe Founder
My 14 year old daughter loves how her teacher is cool, speaks to her in a way she understands and most of all that she can talk to other girls who are going through similar struggles.
John Doe Founder
I struggled for years trying to find a teacher who was born and raised in North America but still had traditional Islamic knowledge and good tajweed. The entire team at Islamic Circle Time fits this criteria!
John Doe Founder

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